The walnut is a nut with which most people are familiar. Walnuts grow nearly everywhere throughout the world in different varieties, but they all belong to the same family. The most important producing countries are: France, India and the US (California), with the latter being by far the most important supplier of walnuts in the shell.

Walnut tree

The walnut tree can reach a height of 30 metres. The green fruit hanging from the tree has the same colour as the leaf. When the fruit is ripe, the shell cracks open and the walnut itself becomes visible. Once the nut has been removed from the tree, the nut is washed and dried. Drying is an important process and must be carried out very precisely, since the drying process determines how long the nut can be stored. After drying, the nut is sorted according to size, packaged and stored in a refrigerated warehouse.


Walnuts are used for various purposes. They are processed in different products, such as some varieties of French cheese, or are used as an ingredient in many dishes throughout the world. Walnut oil can be pressed from the walnut. It is pressed cold until the oil is extracted. Incidentally, this is a very exclusive and aromatic product.

Nutritional value

Walnuts are known for their high omega-3 fatty acids content. Omega fatty acids are essential fatty acids that must be obtained from the diet, since the body cannot produce them itself. The immune system and the hormonal system are partially dependent on these fatty acids. In addition, the blood vessels and the nervous system cannot function well without these essential fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce fat and cholesterol, resulting in heart and vascular protection.

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Nutritional value Walnuts

WalnutsNutritional value per 100 grams RDA
Energy 2920 kJ / 708 kcal
Protein15.9 g
Carbohydrates 5.4 g
o.w. sugars 2.9 g
Fats68.1 g
o.w. saturated 6.1 g
o.w. mono unsat. 13.0 g
o.w. poly unsat. 45.2 g
Dietary fiber 4.6 g
Sodium0.0 mg
Calcium117.0 mg15.0%
Magnesium196.0 mg52.0%
Phosphorus521.0 mg


Iron3.4 mg24.0%
Zinc3.4 mg34.0%
Vitamin B10.4 mg34.0%
Vitamin B20.1 mg7.8%
Vitamin B3 1.4 mg8.7%
Vitamin E3.1 mg26.0%
Folic acid 62.1 mcg31.0%

RDA = Recommended Daily Amount
Warning: Small children can choke on nuts.